Nick Austin
Executive & Creative Chief

Nick is a designer, entrepreneur, 360º thinker, and creative leader who has been concepting and creating professionally for over 20 years. He specializes in design-thinking for young companies in many fields including: engineering, education, interior/architectural design, marketing/advertising, product design, UX, and business creation. He has worked for major label marketing/advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather, Chiat Day, and WME. 

In 2006 Nick began working with Avon, where he was integral to creating their most successful global advertising campaign ever — resulting in a 60% sales increase in color cosmetics and skincare. Three years and 50 ads later, he left to create high-performing campaigns for Almay and Revlon, shattering long held consumer-testing scores and tripling sales expectations.

He has since founded 4 companies: JUNOG\RL, a children’s product company (Co-Founder);, a design-base beyond-UX company; The Sampling Company and the brand Sample+, a new automated sampling experience that has brought self-automated sampling to Walmart, HEB and Meijer (Co-Founder); and Austin New York (ANY), a user-advocate hyper-agency with a mission of making companies better by focusing on the demand side of business building, rooted in a design-thinking approach. 

With ANY he has advised, concepted, and executed on successful design-based user-focused strategies for BUILT, Pepsi, Walmart, Elizabeth Arden; and most recently LilGadgets, a new children’s headphone company; Knotel, a new company-sized workspace host; and Work Awesome, a conference on the future of work.

Nick holds an MFA in Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit MI



Jung Kim
Executive & Creative Partner

Jung_Profile Photo.jpg

Jung is a designer, creative director, and visual poetess who is the spark at the heart of ANY. She specializes in distilling the contemplative forms & ideas that make up the foundation for the vast majority of our output. Designing her way around the US and the world, Jung has worked with Rubell Family Collection in Miami, MASS MoCA in Massachusetts, Brand Union, Euro RSCG, & Ogilvy's BIG in NYC, all the way to Weiden+Kennedy in Tokyo (with various stops in Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Detroit along the way). In 2014 Jung lead the co-founding of JUNOG\RL, where she is the maker and designer, creating products for kids that are truly beautiful.

She has worked with several major brands, including but not limited to:
Absolut, AT&T, Avon, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, DuPont, Exxon, Flonase, Kahlúa, Kevlar, Kia, Mucinex, and Nike.

With ANY Jung has advised, directed, executed on, and helped design from the ground up: the new children's headphones company LilGadgets; the company-sized workspace host Knotel; the new sampling experience Sample+; and she spearheaded the creation of the visual system for the 'Awesome' conference series Work Awesome, Inbox Awesome, and the upcoming Learn Awesome.

Jung holds an MFA in Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit MI