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Connect+ Pro Contest Giveaway


  • Use a giveaway to promote products and define a mental space for LilGadgets in the user mind

How it works

  • Users post a funny video of their kid(s) to the LilGadgets FB page for a chance to win a Connect+ Pro
  • ANY Proposing for LG to giveaway up to 5 headphones per week (2, possibly 3 weeks)

Contest Flow

  • FB Ad  >  LG FB Page (Posts TAB)  >  Users Post  >  Users Like  >  LG / ANY Determine Winners  > LG Reach Out Via FB Messenger  >  Interact / Gather Contact  >  LG / ANY Post / Ad Results  >  Back to Start



Ad 1 - Slideshow

Ad 2 - Slideshow

Canvas Ad - Slideshow

Canvas Ad - Expanded


Facebook Page







How To Post - Pin to top on LG FB page

Winner announcement post - winners tagged (example)


Contest Rules


Blog Post: lilgadgets.com


Media components for random use in contest


Contest Ad Material / Winner Post Examples. We could goose the contest maybe by supplying some initial content. I'm sure you guys have cute videos of the girls.


Alt C+P Content


LilGadgets theme audio clips derived from Happy Kids Unite! LG theme