Digital Marketing: Q2 - Phase 1 - Ads

  • Q2 ads for weeks 1-3
  • The intent for the first 3 weeks is to begin to inhabit a feeling and a placement in a user's mind. We'll get into straight product ads soon.
  • We'll use the ad copy on Facebook to quickly and simply address key elements of LG. i.e., Volume Limited, etc.
  • "Connect" is the sentiment, but it's not necessarily literal
  • Week 3 flips the formula. Long shots of product, logo tag at end. (timings might be a little wonky, can tune it up)
  • We're trying to push through this initial phase, next 3 phase ads coming in the next week(s).
  • Song is custom,
  • Need from LG:
    1. Approval or light feedback for week 1. Goes live tomorrow.
    2. Approval or feedback for weeks 2-3 




Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 3 Alt. - Imagine a clap-along animation at the end (TBD)